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Global Risk Atlas



Together with Trends/Trends-Tendances, Credendo has created the second edition of the “Global Risk Atlas” for a special edition of The Economist.

Complete with five maps on specific themes, the atlas provides an overview of the main risks facing our world and exporters today: geopolitical tensions, the new global economic order, critical raw materials, cybercrime and the climate challenge.

In this webinar, we will look at the impacts of geopolitical risks, with a focus on two years of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Our experts will then discuss the risks of a new global economic order.

Programme (from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. CET ):

- Global Risk Atlas
by Nabil Jijakli, Deputy CEO @ Credendo
- Overview of geopolitical tensions across the world
by Raphaël Cecchi, Senior Country and Sector Risk Analyst @ Credendo
- New global economic order
by Bruno Colmant, PhD in Economics and member of the Belgian Royal Academy
- Focus on two years of conflict between Russia and Ukraine
by Pascaline della Faille, Country and Sector Risk Manager @ Credendo
- Credendo cover policy on Ukraine
by Nabil Jijakli, Deputy CEO @ Credendo

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Bruno Colmant

PhD in Economics and member of the Belgian Royal Academy

Bruno Colmant holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and an MBA from Purdue University (USA). He is a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium and teaches at several Belgian universities, including UClouvain, ULB, and Vlerick Business School.
He has published nearly 90 books. He has held C-positions with ING, AGEAS, Degroof Petercam, and the Brussels Stock Exchange, of which he was Chairman and a member of the Executive Committee of the New York Stock Exchange. He is a Board member at several companies, including Unibra, I-Care, and the Foundation against Cancer. He is the Chairman of the group Brederode.

Nabil Jijakli

Group Deputy CEO @ Credendo

Nabil Jijakli is Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Credendo and of Credendo – Export Credit Agency. Before joining Credendo in 2010, Nabil Jijakli worked for 21 years at the National Bank of Belgium (Belgian central Bank), where in his last position he was the Secretary General of the Financial Stability Committee (2007 – 2010) during the financial crisis. He has been also responsible for the coordination of the euro introduction in Belgium (1997 – 2003) and has worked for three years as expert at the European Commission (2004 – 2007) to prepare the euro changeover in the new member states.

Pascaline della Faille

Country and sector risk manager @ Credendo

Pascaline della Faille joined Credendo in 2009. As Country and Sector Risk Manager, Pascaline is responsible for monitoring various emerging countries and managing the team of country and sector risk analysts.

Raphaël Cecchi

Senior Country and Sector Risk Analyst @ Credendo

Raphael Cecchi is the Asia expert within Credendo. In the framework of the OECD, Raphael is part of the Country Risk Experts Group for Asia. He is also the expert for the Balkan countries and has expertise in geopolitics and climate risks.


Björn Crul


Björn Crul is a business journalist, working for Belgian media such as Kanaal Z/Canal Z. He is founder and managing director of The Content Company, which produces written and audiovisual content for B2B customers, public institutions and non-profit organisations.