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How does climate change impact trade?



Earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc., the impacts of climate change are being felt everywhere, by everyone. Basically, its impact is not only physical and economic but also has profoundly political and social dimensions. There is an urgent need to act.

In this webinar, we have asked risk management experts and a business leader, who has made the energy transition part of their strategy, to share their views and insights on how climate change is impacting trade.

Here is the webinar programme (from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. CET):

> While climate risks are still underestimated in government policies and by corporates worldwide, they continue to grow rapidly and impact economies globally, albeit with great regional and country discrepancies. Extreme weather events, food insecurity, reduced access to water, land conflicts and mass migrations: climate-related risk factors have become obvious vectors for country and sector risks.
by Raphaël Cecchi & Jolyn Debuysscher, Country and Sector Risk Analysts at Credendo

> The Credendo Green Package celebrates a successful first year
by Nabil Jijakli, Deputy CEO of Credendo

> Client testimonial
by Olivier Dufrasne, President of Ecosteryl

> Q&A session

The webinar will be moderated by journalist Björn Crul.

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Olivier Dufrasne

President @ Ecosteryl

After studying law and politics at the University of Louvain, Olivier Dufrasne joined his family company AMB-Ecosteryl in 2008. He opened the first AMB overseas offices in Canada in 2009 and developed sales and marketing activities all over Americas during 7 years. As family shareholder, he joined AMB’s Belgium headquarters in 2016 and became President of the group focus its activities on international representation and business development.

Nabil Jijakli

Deputy CEO @ Credendo

Nabil Jijakli is Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Credendo and of Credendo – Export Credit Agency. Before joining Credendo in 2010, Nabil Jijakli worked for 21 years at the National Bank of Belgium (Belgian central Bank), where in his last position he was the Secretary General of the Financial Stability Committee (2007 – 2010) during the financial crisis. He has been also responsible for the coordination of the euro introduction in Belgium (1997 – 2003) and has worked for three years as expert at the European Commission (2004 – 2007) to prepare the euro changeover in the new member states.

Raphaël Cecchi

Senior Country and Sector Risk Analyst @ Credendo

Raphael Cecchi is the Asia expert within Credendo. In the framework of the OECD, Raphael is part of the Country Risk Experts Group for Asia. He is also the expert for the Balkan countries and has expertise in geopolitics and climate risks.

Jolyn Debuysscher

Senior Country and Sector Risk Analyst @ Credendo

Jolyn Debuysscher joined Credendo in 2015. She is the Latin America expert for the group and has also expertise on digital currencies and climate change related risks. In the framework of the OECD, Jolyn is part of the Country Risk Experts Group for Latin America.


Björn Crul


Björn Crul is a business journalist, working for Belgian media such as Kanaal Z/Canal Z. He is founder and managing director of The Content Company, which produces written and audiovisual content for B2B customers, public institutions and non-profit organisations.